Alpha Phi Alpha兄弟会有限公司. 准备庆祝网上买球十大正规平台60周年

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Alpha Phi Alpha brothers gathered for a Legacy Celebration Brunch in Detroit on 星期六,10月. 8. 前排:罗德尼·科尔曼-罗宾逊, current Epsilon Xi chapter vice president, 宪章成员道格拉斯·史密斯和道格拉斯博士. 威廉·皮卡德. 后排:马克斯·道根, current Epsilon Xi chapter president, 罗德威尔逊, 约翰·安布罗斯, 小约翰·哈根斯.、哈里·托德、伦纳德·凯金斯、保罗·汤普森和约翰·赖特.

正规买球APP十佳排行州卡拉马祖.——世界著名雕塑家、网上买球十大正规平台校友 M. 斯科特•约翰逊, B.S.00,是一个时刻. His sculpture triptych of African American folklore hero High John the Conqueror is currently on display at the Venice Biennale, 这是一场历史性的展览,有时被比作艺术界的奥运会. His installation is part of the "Afro-Futurist Manifesto: Blackness Reimagined" exhibit from the Galerie Myrtis, which is the first Black-owned gallery invited to present in the 127-year history of the event.

A logo in black and gold that reads, "Alpha Phi Alpha兄弟会有限公司. 1962-2002, Epsilon Xi Chapter.

“我做这个已经很多年了, 但事情开始有了转机, and part of that opening up process is remembering how that happened,他说. Alpha Phi Alpha兄弟会有限公司. is a rock on which much of his personal and career journeys have been sculpted.

The organization, which will celebrate its 60th anniversary as the Epsilon Xi chapter during Western 2022年回国 festivities, was the first Black Greek organization established on campus. Initially founded in 1935 at what was then Western State Teachers College, the Beta Iota chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha went inactive during World War II. 1960年,它在校园里被重新启用, 一群学生成立了阿尔法兴趣小组.

网上买球十大正规平台似乎在一起形成了一种纽带. We were all different, but at the same time we wanted to achieve the same objective,” 道格拉斯•史密斯, B.S.62年,他是该分会的七个成员之一. "I was so impressed with all of them because they were goal-oriented and wanted to achieve something in life and were dedicated to learning."

The Epsilon Xi chapter was officially incorporated at Western in October 1962, 建立在培养领导者的基础上, promoting brotherhood and academic excellence while providing service and advocacy for members.

M的画像. 斯科特·约翰逊和约翰·安布罗斯.

兄弟米. 斯科特·约翰逊和约翰·安布罗斯 attended the Legacy Celebration Brunch.

"The biggest thing is brotherhood: knowing that you have brothers for life, 会支持你的人, 总是在你错的时候告诉你, 永远在你身边,” 马克斯·道根, current chapter president and an aerospace engineering student from Detroit.

爱扑塞隆西章的兄弟们不负这一遗产. Many members have gone on to see tremendous success over the subsequent decades—Smith wrote about it in his book, "同舟共济,共圆梦"—and pay it forward to both the University and the next generation. 他们包括教师和管理人员 Dr. 查尔斯Warfield, B.A.'62, M.A.65年, Dr. 唐纳德•汤普森, B.A.'68, M.A.'71, Ed.73年,以及杰出校友 丹尼斯·阿切尔, B.S.'65; 罗纳德·霍尔, B.S.'65; and Dr. 威廉·皮卡德, B.S.'64, whom the Western Heights Residence Halls were named for in 2017.

It was Pickard, in fact, who helped Johnson's art career find a rebirth in Detroit recently. The two met during Alpha Phi Alpha’s 50th reunion on campus in 2012.

"I had just published a book about my work … and gave it to him to read, and he fell in love with what I do and what I stand for and the work that I've made. And he was hugely responsible for getting together a mid-career retrospective at the Charles Wright Museum in Detroit,约翰逊这样评价皮卡德, 现在是谁收藏了他的作品. “他是韦斯特的忠实支持者,也是我的支持者."

Johnson now has the opportunity to bring that interaction full circle as the Alphas prepare for their 60th reunion.

“我很幸运能够这么做,约翰逊说。, who will also receive a Distinguished Alumni Award from the Institute of Intercultural and Anthropological Studies in the College of Arts and Sciences during homecoming weekend.

"As a person, you have to find a vehicle to perfect yourself; you need to find a grindstone. All of the Divine Nine (Black Greek organizations) are grindstones where you are expected to do well. These are not professional affiliation groups; these are grindstones to make you aware of where you come from and what you represent,他说. "I became a man at Western; I think it trained me for life. 兄弟会是其中重要的一部分."

Alpha Phi Alpha brothers wearing orange shirts hold bags and clipboards during a voter registration event.

罗德尼·科尔曼-罗宾逊兄弟, Daniel Hamilton and Matthew Render volunteer with the YWCA 卡拉马祖 Stand Against Racism petition drive, 努力让选民登记.

Smith also plans to attend the festivities and is excited to talk to his undergraduate Alpha brothers.

"I'm very proud of the foundation that we set and the open arms that we had,他说. "The young men that have come along that we've had a chance to meet (over the years) have been very impressive."

Current chapter brothers serve in leadership positions in campus organizations such as the National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC) and also make time to give back to the community through service activities like tutoring local high school students and providing biweekly haircuts to young men at the Douglass Community Center.

"(We're looking forward to) having 60 years of generations of people who want the same thing—people from different avenues who have been successful in life—coming back for the anniversary, 庆祝阿尔法是什么,以及它已经成为什么, 以及未来几十年它将如何发展,道吉特补充道.

Alpha Phi Alpha has a number of activities planned for its 60th reunion, 包括参与国家卫生保健协会 步进舞步表演 周五,10月. 14, 8点.m. 在伯恩哈德中心举办晚宴和舞会 星期六,10月. 15,在7点06分.m.—signifying 1906, the year the national fraternity was founded—in the Bernhard Center Ballroom.

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